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Over many years in business, Earl.St has forged strong working relationships with a diverse range of professionals — from exciting new start-ups to global monoliths. We are constantly on the lookout for new partnerships with individuals and companies who can match our passion for surpassing industry standards and personal bests.

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We currently do not have any positions available but are always on the lookout for fresh creative talent – feel free to shoot through your folio and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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TRY: 5 autumnal objects we’re smitten with.

Stonewash Turmeric Bed Sheets – Jardan

Now don’t these warm the cockles of your heart? We imagine having these sheets on your bed would feel a bit like swimming in a warm, turmeric latte, only way better and less milky. Made from 100% cotton, Jardan’s ‘Stonewash’ range has a soft, worn feel so you never have live through that crispy sheets phase that so often comes with the purchase of new linen. With its warm, textured finish, the crafted bed sheets exude ‘autumn’ in every way.
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Large Resin Beetle Bowl – Dinosaur Designs
Dinosaur Designs has again knocked it out of the park again with this darling creation. Hypnotic swirls of orange, red and brown clay dance among each other like frenzied autumn leaves on a windy day. Made from strong, sturdy resin, each dish is one of a kind, totally unique of others in the collection.
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The Asperitus Table – Studio ac-s
Not only is this solid bronze number reminiscent of an autumn sunset with its radiant, dazzling surface, it actually kind of looks like an autumn leaf. By Sydney designer Ashley-Corbett Smith, Asperitus can be utilised as either a sculptural piece or a functional table, complete with two flat surfaces perfect for parking a glass of wine. Modern Times can hook you up with one of these.
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Muffin Floor Light in American Walnut – Brokis
Imbue your home with the autumnal ambience this unique floor light imparts. Comprised of a handcrafted wooden base, a hand blown tinted glass shade and a naked bulb, it serves to tinge any room with a subtle walnut hue. Designed by Brokis, the Czech light artisans, you can pick one up from our ultra cool neighbours at Luke Furniture.
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Nobsa Ochre Rug – Halycon Lake
Complete the collection with this earthy, hand-woven rug by Halycon Lake. Weaving two shades of rich ochre with two shades of cool grey, its design is wholly individual, delivering a layer of depth to any room. Splay yourself across it on a cool autumn evening, hot apple cider in hand.
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