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SIT: Back in a cold plunge pool and reap the benefits.

As the temperature dial continues to drop, setting foot anywhere near an ice bath might sound like the very definition – but it might be just the thing your frosty soul needs. With more and more ‘cold therapy’ centres opening up in Melbourne, we decided to investigate why anyone would voluntarily plunge themselves in sub 10 degree water. Turns out, the benefits are pretty incredible, and include everything from reduced inflammation and enhanced muscle recovery to decreased anxiety and boosted immunity.

If you’re as intrigued as we were, we’ve put together list of wellness centres offering this transformative therapy (don’t worry, we’ve made sure they’ve got saunas too!).

Nimbus Co – Richmond, Bondi, Byron Bay and Manly
Nurture the mind, body and soul at one of Nimbus Co’s beautifully designed studios, where private cold plunge rooms meet state-of-the-art infrared saunas. Combine the two therapies for the ultimate health booster, with a diverse range of membership options available.
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Saint Haven – Collingwood
A new members-only health club in the heart of Collingwood, Saint Haven offers just about anything that falls under the umbrella of ‘wellness’ – from cold plunge and breath-work to a meditation cave and grotto-style bathing. There’s even an organic cafe for a post-plunge bite.
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Cold + Conscious – Various Locations
Thanks to the Wim Hof Method, ice bathing and breath-work often come hand-in-hand. Cold + Conscious are bringing this unique therapy combination to some of Victoria’s most popular beaches including South Melbourne, Altona and Geelong. Embrace the challenge and reap the benefits.
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Sense of Self – Collingwood
A name synonymous with Melbourne’s wellness scene, Sense of Self is best known for its bathing, spa and massage services. However, the bathhouse also offers a range of plunge pools for the full scope of physiological and mental invigoration – be sure to book ahead!
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Alba Thermal Springs – Fingal
Swapping between hot and cold temperatures promotes a myriad of health benefits such as reduced inflammation, improved circulation and enhanced energy. Peninsula’s new kid on the block, Alba offers a world-class contemporary bathing experience complete with a stunning cold plunge pool infused with a host of thermal minerals.
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