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REMEMBER: Board games from your childhood? They’re having a moment.

Cast your mind back to a simpler time when weekends indoors meant board games and not ten hour Netflix binges. While we are major ambassadors of the latter, we’ve also recently rediscovered the sweet, sweet bliss of beating friends and family in an old-school game of board. From the fast paced to the mind boggling to the outright absurd, there’s nothing quite like dusting one off and taking your loved ones to school.

Here’s a list of 9 classics that are bound to get your nostalgic and competitive juices flowing.

1. Uno
Ok, so it’s technically a card game, but it’s impossible to look past Uno when it comes to indoor activities. Nothing compared to the utter betrayal of being served a ‘draw 4 card’ by a loved one. Nothing.

2. Cleudo
Summon your inner detective and get sleuthin’. In this timeless whodunnit game, it’s every player for themselves as you endeavour to find out the who, what and where of that fatal murder in the mansion. Dn dn dn!

3. Operation
Engage those fine motor skills as you manoeuvre your way through the inner organs of a very unwell gentleman. A family favourite that is bound to elicit screams and maybe some queasiness.

4. Mastermind
Warning: not one for the impatient or short attention-spanned. The ultimate code cracking game, Mastermind is a problem solving classic for when you’ve got a bit more time to focus/tear out your hair.

5. Battleships
Mastermind, but with ships. Battleships is a thrilling naval combat game involving guessing, elimination and just a hint of mathematics. Sink your opponent’s ships and cackle wickedly while you do so.

6. Monopoly
If you’re in for the long hall, nothing beats good ol’ Monopoly. While there’s a plethora of editions on the market including Disney, Friends and Fortnite, original is still best in our humble opinion. Trade properties, send your opponents into bankruptcy and revel in that capitalist spirit!

7. Scrabble
Before Words With Friends, Scrabble was all we had, the game of vocabulary finesse invented in 1933. Make sure you have a dictionary at hand so you can drive home those 30 point words.

8. Trivial Pursuit
If you’re a big fan of The Chase, why not whip out Trivial Pursuit, the iconic quiz game with questions on everything from entertainment to geography. Get your hands on the classic edition for 80’s retro charm and throwback questions.

9. Guess Who
How could we forget Maria’s sassy beret or Bill’s menacing goatee? This iconic face-guessing game guarantees easy fun and bulk laughs. We encourage thinking outside the box with your questions, for example ‘does your person have a dark past?’ or ‘does your person churn their own butter?’