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REMEMBER: 10 cheesy ‘90s dance tracks that you’ve probably forgotten (but will be glad to remember).

Although we consider ourselves to be pretty “with it” when it comes to the world of music (our studio playlist is solid) we’re as guilty as anyone of throwing it back to a good old ‘90s banger every now and then. Nothing compares to the sweet, sweet nostalgia that washes over you when you hear a song you haven’t heard for eons. The guilty pleasure of enjoying the hell out of a song you know is universally considered to be ‘cringe’. In honour of the festive season, we’ve collated a selection of ‘so bad they’re good’ dance floor anthems from a truly iconic albeit daggy decade. We give you permission to indulge in a shame-free boogie.

Rhythm of the Night – Corona
This Italian Eurodance group knew how to churn out a good track, and ‘Rhythm of the Night’ was no exception. With uplifting, empowering vocals and a memorable techno hook, the song has aged reasonably well compared to others of its era and genre. Watch the ‘Rhythm of the Night’ video here. 

What is love – Haddaway
When it was realised in 1992, ‘What is Love’ went to number one in 13 different countries and has since become something of a dance music legend. Truly melodramatic lyrics paired with an epic dance break. What’s not to love? Watch the ‘What is Love’ video here.

Sandstorm – Darude
This year, we celebrated 20 years of Sandstorm: the aggressive, adrenaline-inducing trance instrumental by Finnish DJ Darude. While successful upon release, it reached legend status years later, embraced by younger generations on the internet and even covered by a guy on a recorder in this YouTube video. Watch the ‘Sandstorm’ video here.

Blue – Eiffel 65
The highest charting Italian song in the US to date, this novelty track about a little guy who lives in a blue world is the stuff of a tacky ’90s fever dream. You just know you’re in for a wild ride when you hear that opening line ‘Yo listen up here’s the story…’. Watch the ‘Blue’ video here.

The Sign – Ace of Base
From Swedish pop group Ace of Base, ‘The Sign’ is the epitome of cheese with its reggae guitar riff, painfully catchy chorus and that unforgettable key change at the 2.25 minute mark. And yet, it went nine times platinum when it was released in 1994, sitting at #1 on Billboard magazine’s year-end chart. Watch ‘The Sign’ video here.

Scatman – Scatman John
Scatman by Scatman John is probably going to elicit the most groans on this list. A man in a fedora wildly scatting over a Eurodance track. Need we say more? Hilarious in small doses and great if you want to turn a party on its head. Watch the ‘Scatman’ video here.

Groove is in the Heart – Deee-Lite
Another one that still holds up in 2019, Groove is in the Heart is a funky, playful and quintessentially ’90s track brimming with trumpets, wacky sounds effects, Tamborine and delicious base lines. It’s impossible not to be in a good mood when it plays. Watch the ‘Groove is in the Heart’ video here.

Finally – CeCe Peniston 
This multiplatinum single is another feel good classic that makes us want to throw our arms back and run through a field of daisies. The song perfect straddles the line between dance and RnB, plus CeCe’s belting voice is epic. Watch the ‘Finally’ video here.