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EDUCATE: Yourself on the delightful work of Olana Janfa.

Art has the unique ability to capture ideas in ways that connect, delight and cut to the core. The very embodiment of this, ‘What’s Your Gov’ment Name’ is a new exhibition from Ethiopian-Norwegian Artist Olana Janfa, and the first instalment in Museum Victoria’s highly anticipated Culture Makers Initiative. Taking over the grand hallways of the Immigration Museum, the exhibition tells the story of Janfa’s migration experience through a series of vibrant, large-scale murals. Each of his paintings is imbued with humour and honesty, making audiences smile while asking them to consider the experience of assimilating into a new country as a migrant. What’s more, the bold and exuberant colours are just the thing we’re craving as we head into the hellish depths of winter!

Born and raised in Ethiopia, Janfa migrated to Norway as a teenager before settling in Australia in 2015. Melbourne has been his home ever since. Having picked up a paint brush for first time just five years ago, the artist is entirely self-taught – a bonafide natural talent whose creative spirit is turning heads all over Australia’s art scene (he’s already collaborated with the likes of Nike, Obus and the NGV). Creating out of his studio in Thornbury, Janfa works predominantly with oil, pastel and acrylic paint, using old wood cuts and furniture in lieu of traditional canvas materials. Exploring themes of identity, culture and community, his one-of-a-kind paintings exude a joyfulness and charisma that not only makes you feel good, but makes you think too. We’re huge fans.

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