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Over many years in business, Earl.St has forged strong working relationships with a diverse range of professionals — from exciting new start-ups to global monoliths. We are constantly on the lookout for new partnerships with individuals and companies who can match our passion for surpassing industry standards and personal bests.

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EDUCATE: Yourself on Elon Musk’s bizarre looking pick up truck.

Revolutionary? Yes. Ugly? Also yes. Last month, Tesla released unveiled its new ‘Cybertruck’, an electric pick up truck that a looks a bit like a cuboid space ship/lego block. It’s the first stainless steel vehicle since Delorian’s Time Machine and has “smash proof windows”. We use inverted commas because they did in fact smash when a metal ball was hurled at them during a demonstration. The Cybertruck’s tagline is ‘utility of a truck, performance or a sports car’ and can allegedly go from 0 to 97km in 4.5 seconds despite its heavy weight and roomy, comfortable interior. Despite its polarising appearance and somewhat disastrous grand opening event, Cybertruck received 250,000 preorders in the first week. 

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