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APPRECIATE: Seaweed – the secret ingredient stopping cows from burping methane.

Aussie scientists at FutureFeed have created a seaweed-based supplement that reduces the production of methane in cows. Less methane = less burps = less potent greenhouse gas trapped in our ozone layer. Colossal win! If only 10% of the world’s cows consumed the supplement, it would be like taking 50 million cars off the roads. Basically, seaweed is a superhero and could be a huge player in the reversal of climate change – slimy little tendrils and all.

The supplement’s key ingredient is a species of seaweed called Asparagopsis, which is rich in a methane-quashing compound called Bromoform. It was trialled over five years with help from the CSIRO and is totally nutritious and safe for cows to consume. Unlike carbon, methane only stays in the atmosphere for 12 years, so there is potential for this new feeding method to erase all atmospheric damage caused by the livestock industry in the past.

With $13 million already secured from five big investors, the supply chain is currently in the process of being established. The product is set to be available in Australia in commercial volumes by mid-2021, and hopefully overseas soon after.