Yuge Yu

Client: Yuge Bromley
Project: A clothing line from the masterful Yuge Bromley, YugeYu approaches designing collections with an artful ingenuity that blurs the lines between fashion and art. Inspired by the unstructured and boundless continuity within the way art can captivate throughout time, Yuge’s craft is both timeless, but with a distinct contemporaneity. Ensuring that this sense of hypnotic perpetuity was experienced through every touch point of the brand, Earl.St set about refreshing the YugeYu branded website and e-commerce platform. Crafting a digital branded experience that translated to audiences the same experience of artful immersion that the clothing itself is steeped in, the website has been structured to offer a flawless user experience, intuiting each navigation and consumer expectation in a seamless way. While the aesthetics of the site echo the palpably classic beauty of the brand, it is the thoughtful mechanics of both the site and its online store that help to create a consumer journey that is both immersive and communicative.

Scope: Brand Identity | Stationery | Signage | Package | Portfolio

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