Client: Grand Properties Consortium
Project: Basing the brand and communication strategy on the emerging community of Hughesdale and its bordering suburb of Oakleigh - which sat in closer proximity to the project - from the initial stages of naming, Earl.St crafted a brand that was at once vibrant and youthful, but always cemented deeply in its context. A play on “Hughesdale”, Hue draws connotations from the softly gradated skies the area is blessed with. Using these subtle gradients within the brand enabled the creation of a language that celebrated the rich tapestry of cultures found in the local community as well as the undertones of changes being witnessed in the streets - underscoring the ensuing branding message with a subtle message of what Hue would be bringing to the community.

Scope: Development Name | Brand Identity | Brochure | Website | Hoarding | Aerial Photography | Lifestyle Photography | Agent Flipbook | Hoarding | Copywriting | Press & Online Advertising

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