Client: Kinkaid Group
Project: Every now and again we will receive a little notification in our inboxes that makes our heart beat that little bit faster. Epicure was such a project. A vision imagined by the inimitable Wendy Bergman - of such interior fame as Chin Chin, Meatball & Wine Bar, Hawkerhall & Mr Miyagi - and brought to life by the masterful Kinkaid Group, Earl.St took to crafting a brand and communication strategy that played on both the unique contributors, as well as the ever-evolving culture of the project’s milieu. Subtly playing off the marbled stone featuring throughout the homes as a background branding feature, the collateral uses bold, gold foil text, soft hues of pink and a clever narrative that weaves project particulars and local cultural motifs to create a glimpse into the lives that will unfold, memories that will be made and adventures that will be had, within Epicure’s walls.

Scope: Development Name | Brand Identity | Brochure | Website | Hoarding | Aerial Photography | Lifestyle Photography | Agent Flipbook | Hoarding | Copywriting | Press & Online Advertising

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