Client: Crowbuild
Project: Edition draws on a range of connotations. These stunning, style driven South Yarra apartments drew inspiration on their exclusivity, thus we wanted to play on the fact that these homes denoted an edition of a very specific kind, a Limited Edition; the rare chance to discover a selected window of opportunity. Language and the clever ways in which we can use language to create a sense of playfulness around a word was a key component in the brand messaging for this project. Underpinning the brand was the uncomplicated championing of the apartments and the development itself. Elegantly crafted and found in one of the city’s most iconic locations for cultural delights, these motifs formed the fulcrum of the brand message. With bold but simple brochure pages accentuating renders, lifestyle images perfectly capturing the local mood and supporting copy allowing the project to tell its own story, the connotations to just why we chose ‘Limited’ to preface South Yarra’s latest Edition, seamlessly revealed itself.

Scope: Development Name | Brand Identity | Brochure | Website | Hoarding | Aerial Photography | Lifestyle Photography | Agent Flipbook | Hoarding | Copywriting | Press & Online Advertising

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