REMEMBER || There’s more to Port Phillip than just ye old beaches

Elsternwick: A hedonistic reverie
As Autumn rolled in and Melbourne’s Summer seemed to linger in the air that little bit longer, it had us longing for that salt-tinged kind of delight that comes with seaside living. Those first days of lingering warmth, coupled with a recent job we begun In Pine Ave, Elwood, meant that even as the nights began to get darker earlier and we contemplated turning on our heaters, our hearts were still intrinsically linked to the sweet reverie that comes from being so close to the shifting sands and crashing waves. Too often we spend so much time trying to work our way through the epicurean pleasures of our own backyard, that we forget to go and explore our neighbour’s. Enchanted by the beauty and diversity of cultural delight we found when exploring Pine Ave’s lifestyle offerings, we thought we would share of the beautifully serene, Port Phillip’s, most recent additions to its hedonistic milieu: Bang Bang at the Rifle Club and Penta.

Who would have thought, that in the tranquil little inner-eastern suburb of Elsternwick, that you’d find one of the city’s most pure renditions of modernist design. Brainchild of the crew behind Legacy, Temperance Society and Mob Espresso, Penta is a beautiful homage to the art of minimalism. With a menu showcasing an array of healthy and colourful dining options, the meals on offer are given a muted and minimalist background to allow them to be the real stars of the case.

An even more recent addition to the growing community of epicurean havens, from behind a wall of secrecy, over the past twelve months locals have been kept guessing what it might be taking place in the long-unoccupied old Caulfield Rifle Club. No-one could have guessed the joy the suburb would enjoy when the curtain was drawn however and Bang Bang was revealed. Part of a $2 million government redevelopment, Bang Bang sprawls from the century-old red-brick rifle range to a large deck and pocket park with playground, bike parking, even an air pump. A whimsical curved gangway makes it wheelchair accessible. The food is by ex-Longrain head chef Matt Dunbar and, loosely Thai, loosely Vietnamese, is easy to share and big on flavour without getting crazily spicy.

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