APPRECIATE || George Byrne’s mesmerising prints.

Los Angeles-based Aussie photographer George Byrne’s latest collection of prints captures LA’s disposable architecture and redundant landscapes, somehow making them look extraordinary.

Known as the ‘Colour Field’ series. Byrne chases the sublime of everyday, shooting in pursuit of “reclassifying urban spaces. He tells Vogue Australia “I’m not really looking to tell a story, I’m looking to create a feeling. My inspiration for this series is mainly the urban landscapes of southern California, Palm Desert and far north NSW,” he says.

Born in Sydney, Byrne left to set up in Los Angeles in 2010, where he has been focusing on his photographic practice. Instagram has become his power tool of choice, using it as a visual scrapbook from 2013 onwards.

“I think I am lucky in that my work plays well on the format. Colour and linear elements are easy to consume on a little backlit screen, the works are like hard-boiled lollies for your eyes,” he says.

Oh and by the way, George is Rose Byrne’s younger brother. Not that it really matters, we’re just happy he’s making a name for himself.

Instagram: @george_byrne


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